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Lapeer County Surgery Center

About Us

Lapeer County Surgery Center

The Lapeer County Surgery Center is the culmination of the of the visions of many area physicians. Over the years, these doctors have listened to their patients and colleagues.

The patient’s and their families’ needs were one of the most important aspects that went into deciding the design of Lapeer County Surgery Center (LCSC). Their need for convenience, privacy and efficiency went into every aspect of the design. The end result speaks for itself. From the time of registration, to our beautiful semi-private waiting area, to the designated private discharge area, the patient and family will feel their personal needs are being respected.

As with most out-patient surgical centers, LCSC provides a unique opportunity to provide some efficiencies not afforded by other health care facilities. All surgeries at LCSC are scheduled, non-emergent cases. This important component is a tremendous benefit to the patient and physicians.